Minggu, 08 April 2012

Grow up and Grow adult!

We will meet new people. Different faces. Different personalities. Everyday, everytime, everysecond. We will find the things what's you haven't see yet. We will meet a human that you so hate or love! And every a clock do its work, we are grow. and everyday we walking to finish our ending of your life my life and our life. That's so fast and never stop. We can't stop this time. We're so busy all of times, so sometimes we're so suprise and realize everything around you have been changed and so far you are so hate that change. Cause you feel that your beloved human not love you anymore, kinda sad.I'm crying remember that moment, no I'm not sad but I miss that moment. Sometimes I think I want to talk with my mom anda say "Momm I wanna comeback to 10years ago, kinda miss my childhood, no cry,sad,dizzy,brokenheart. Just playing everytime."

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

How to be funny In here?

Idk how to be fun in there? There is school, The place for study but I can find that clue and the answer is friends ;D I know that sometimes we are boring and so lazy to go to school......but cause friends make our keep spirit and forget 'bout suckolah wkwk. They are so funny so pretty, kind and they are so smart tooo.