Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

Happy Friendship Day

Today sunday 7th August is Happy Friedship Day. In the morning I've got one message from ny bunnies Trifanie, her texting me with the words: Happy Friendship Day for you. friends. Keep be my good friends. sending love for you♥ and on twitter my friends gave me the words to said Happy Frienship Day. HFD on trending topic world today. Thinkin of friendship I really miss my old friends in Jakarta. However. I think they already forget me? Yes? I'm scared :"'' In the afternoon I read mikko comic and I found one tittle is when we aren't together again bout friendship.

Happy Birthday

Happy Bornday my special sister Baren Ismania !!! May you'll to be the girl that changed everything, the girl that made a difference, that girl that gave you a story to tell ♥♡ *kissbighug* Broadcaster!
 I love you sist! can't explain how I'm very happy to be ur young sister :p xixi

Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

for you

My mind

Mungkin sampe nanti gue mati pun gue bakal mendem rasa ini. Dan mungkin juga setelah gue mati, dia tau apa yang gue rasain. Huhu - Trifanie Wahyulyah.


Nih salah satu sms mohon maaf lahir&bathin, mau puasa coy!
From: Silvi
To: Me

Yup as a Moeslem. We're going to do the fasting in the holy month: Ramadhan. Before it, let me bring my apologies to you. Maybe the past my attitude was hurting you or made you angry. But in the moment, I wish , I can get ur forgiveness to forgetmy bad attitude who I did in the past. Actually, the humans are the place of mistake. We're the jerk kids which hv a lot mistakes. So the point is, Please open ur heart to forgive me, to all of my junk talks, to all of my trashy words. and everything who make u made to me. Welcome Ramadhan! 1432Hijriah \:D/